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Free Software Engineering Training

For underprivileged youths, With Guaranteed Job.

What We Do?

CodeYogi offers a totally free 6 months long software engineering training program that guarantees job to youth from low-income families.
All of our trainers are IIT graduates with stints at pioneering companies of the tech world. With our extensive network in the industry we scout the right jobs for our students and help them succeed.

Our Methodology

Strict Vetting

Our goal is not to run hobby classes but instead to create job ready candidates. So we are selective in who we train. We conduct a mathematical aptitude test to filter out students who have the raw talent needed for a successful software engineering career. Then we take personal interview to check if they have strong will needed to achieve their dreams.

Rigorous Training

Selected students are trained rigorously for 6 months under the guidance of experienced mentors and teaching assistants. It’s not passive teaching; instead students build a number of apps as part of the curriculum. We keep our curriculum in constant sync with industry needs so that students are not taught anything obsolete in this fast moving tech world.

Soft Skills Coaching

We understand how important 'people skills' are for a successful career. That's why soft skills coaching is an integral part of our curriculum. We have a continuous feedback process in place to help you improve and grow.

Placement Assistance

We conduct mock interviews and group discussions to instil confidence in students. Once the training is complete we help them in getting the right jobs by arranging interviews with our partner employers.

Our Motivation ?

This Quote from Talmud is our guiding force:
Do not be daunted by the enormity of the world's grief. Do justly now, love mercy now, walk humbly now. You are not obligated to complete the work, but neither are you free to abandon it.
So we are just honestly trying to do our bit to help achieve equality of opportunity.

What do we teach?


Get started with Web development by learning HTML & CSS. Learn how to build responsive websites that work well across browsers.

JavaScript, TypeScript

Learn JS as your first programming language and then move to TS. Write code to do simple tasks like printing patterns to get comfortable with coding.

React, Redux

Learn how to use React to create SPAs with especial emphasis on code reusability. Also learn effective state management using Redux.


Learn how to create REST APIs using Node.js, Express.js and AdonisJs. Learn Async programming as well as MVC architecture.

Relational Databases

Learn SQL and also learn how to translate business requirements into database schema. Also learn Lucid/Sequelize ORM.


Learn version controlling using git. Also learn CI/CD using tools like AWS Amplify, AWS CodeCommit and CodeBuild.
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